100% of your generous support and contributions are  used to directly fund the instructional requirements of OML’s programing for  each person being trained. OML believes that each individual has valuable  potential, no matter what challenges that individual faces. No effort will be spared to bring out the  full potential of every individual we train with personalized instruction. OML is not simply a training program;  it is a training program of, and for, individuals. This encompasses materials,  supplies, and occupational and vocational tools specific for each  developmentally-challenged trainee. These funds are also being used to help  provide training insights and instructional insights for families in many  regions of the country, who have no access to appropriate training programs for  their children, or who cannot afford to pay for services to train their  children.   

No member of our directing staff receives any  financial payment for his or her services. We do this out of service to a Higher calling and sense of ethics.  

As a result of OML’s expansion of mission to help  solve the adult residential problem facing these developmentally-challenged  individuals across the nation, a percentage of all donations will now be used to  help in the development of compassionate and self-sustaining residential skill-training models, and address the needs of that segment of the population that until now has been ignored due to their being more profoundly-challenged due to inadequate educational training, or the unfortunate stigma of having "behaviors". These models will be based upon OML's successful life-long productivity approaches, which can be used in various settings around the nation. OML is seeking to build a first operational model in the very near future by working with families in dire need of a compassionate and safe, life-long residential option for their adult children, or siblings. OML is committed to  assisting ALL individuals across the developmentally-disabled spectrum. No  matter what the extent of the challenges faced by an individual, he or she can  be a valuable resource for, and member of, our society, and deserves our investment of  time and effort. 

We, the staff and trainees at Operation Meaningful  Life, thank you from the depths of our hearts.  

Operation  Meaningful Life is a 501c3 tax exempt organization. Your donation  is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

If you wish to send a check or money order, please  make it payable to Operation Meaningful  Life, Inc. at the following address: 

Operation  Meaningful Life, Inc

P.O. Box 551071 Jacksonville,  Florida 32255