About Us

What We Do

Operation Meaningful Life is a training program for the developmentally disabled, and in particular those with autism. It addresses the needs of this group of disabled individuals over their life span by enabling them to live a life of productivity and achievement. It's special emphasis is on those who have been categorized and labeled as "lower-functioning," by developing their abilities, rather than seeing only their disabilities.     

How We Help

The program covers all aspects of life-functioning daily living. The program is designed to serve the needs of the developmentally disabled according to the highest of Moral Standards. In keeping with the true nature of Christian charity, the insights of this program will be shared with all those developmentally-disabled individuals who are in need of them, regardless of background or degree of disability.  

Fostering Achievement

Operation Meaningful Life also has a priority commitment to the development and realization of viable residential options that protect developmentally disabled individuals for their entire lifespans, in environments that foster achievement and meaningful productivity, no matter what degree of disability, behavioral challenges, or age category. 

Operation Meaningful Life is a 501(c)(3), not- for-profit program organization.