Harriet and Michael Stuart - Founders

Michael and Harriet Stuart were married in July 1989 and have 2 adult children.  
Their second child, Aaron, was diagnosed with autism on his third birthday  
in 1994.  

They have been dedicated to finding and creating productive, professional, and compassionate programs so that Aaron and  other developmentally-disabled individuals---particularly those who are more-profoundly challenged--- can achieve and develop their full potential.   When Aaron left the public school system at age 22, the adult training options were very limited, or  nonexistent, for those who are profoundly disabled.  Michael, a retired educator, with 35 years of teaching experience, was determined to create a training program to address the individuals labeled as “lower functioning,” which is the group that is the most overlooked, neglected, and even rejected.  

Operation Meaningful Life was created to address this need and provide a  
productive future for this population, by developing unique and effective educational methods that ensure productivity.