Lifespan Productivity Training Program

The Operational Meaningful Life (OML) training program encompasses numerous career, vocational and job-skill areas, that address the varying abilities of developmentally-challenged individuals. 

Individuals are never excluded from training areas or opportunities; but, rather, are given the freedom to explore any or all areas of interest. Skills are taught and developed on the basis of personal interest through sense of achievement. Exposure to many skill areas is necessary if generalization of skills is to become successful. OML utilizes a vast array of unique instructional approaches and methods designed to fit the unique learning potential of the individual. 

All program-skill areas train with the intention of eliminating the labels of “low-functioning,” “limited ability,” and “unemployable.”  OML’s successful training approaches have eliminated these labels.

 “Behaviors” should never be an obstacle or a barrier to learning and development. Individuals should have a sense of personal fulfillment and achievement every single day of their lives; and, with the development of essential productivity skills, this becomes a reality to them, and for them.

Program skills are taught in order to serve each individual over his or her lifespan, while allowing for the easy transitioning of the individual to the various and natural stages of life, even into the elderly years. Individuals will be able to live productively, no matter what stage of life they will be entering.