Residential Development


The Operational Meaningful Life residential development program, is designed to create a variety of design models to fit the specific geographical and environmental locations in which adult and young adult individuals currently live. Different locations offer different opportunities to live a productive lifestyle, and may also present particular residential requirements.

OML has developed an approach to incorporate its successful program principles into a variety flexible residential models that are founded on the basis of self-sustainability, genuinely compassionate and loving care, and a daily life of productivity and self-fulfillment for each and every resident. The residential models are designed to serve each individual resident, and exist for the individual resident. 

Thus far, the majority of options have exclusively been for the more-independently-functioning individuals, and for those whose families can afford the high-priced private pay requirements. Most individuals on the spectrum of developmental disability will require a 24/7 supervision, and usually in a group-type of residential setting. Typically, too, most such settings currently offer little or no hope for a productive lifestyle; while families are forced into heartbreaking situations of not having compassionate and quality of care for their children after the parents have passed on. 

OML is now looking to develop and build a foundational model, with the assistance of several families who would wish their adult children or siblings to live a daily life of productivity, in an environment that genuinely cares for every individual, no matter what the special needs and challenges. 

This foundational self-sustaining first model for adults would serve as a model for other programs and groups around the nation, with which we would work. It would also serve as part of our team-up outreach where we assist other families and groups in developing compassionate residential realities for their specific geographical areas.